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 call 267-468-7171 or visit us to order.

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• Rosemary Ave- classic pumpkin with heavy cream custard in a butter crust. Topped with whipped cream —$24- *available in vegan (no whipped cream) $28.

• Butler Pike- dark chocolate pastry cream in a chocolate cookie crust, chocolate whipped cream —$24.

• Ambler Ave-Dutch cranberry apple- cranberries and apples baked in a sweetened sour

cream custard with pecan crumble on top—$28. *crumble available without pecans $28

• Mattison Ave- keylime- creamy keylime custard inside a buttery graham crust, topped

with whipped cream—$24

• Tennis Ave- chocolate peanut butter pretzel- chocolate pastry cream and creamy peanut butter mousse layered in a buttery graham crust. Topped with peanuts, PB candy and pretzels—$28.

• Mt. Pleasant Ave- sliced bananas in a vanilla pastry cream inside a buttery graham shell, topped with whipped cream—$24.

• Edgewood Dr- cheesecake inside a chocolate chip cookie crust. Topped with whipped

cream, chocolate drizzle and mini chocolate chips—$28. *available in gluten free

• Bethlehem Pike- maple pecan-toasted pecans in a rich maple custard all in a butter crust—$28.

• Elm St- spinach, mushroom and feta quiche in an all butter crust—$28.

Brookside Ave -turkey bacon and cheddar quiche in an all butter crust—$28.

• Cupcakes 1/2 doz assorted box (2 caramel apple, 2 chocolate oreo, 2 lemon raspberry}—$18.